Website Content Optimization

Ah, the website. It never seems quite complete or good enough, does it? IMHO, there's always room to assess, optimize, test, and repeat. 

Inkling Corporate Website

These are a few examples of things I'm working on to align Inkling's Web presence with their new positioning and messaging—and improve the visitor experience.

Home page messaging and layout
Before: Home page header & layout
- Header chaotic
- Messaging outdated
- Company value prop. and key differentiator unclear
- Lead gen opportunities hidden below the fold
After, Option 1: Home page header
This is my recommendation.

- Simplified, easy-to-read
- Industry category and key differentiators clearly stated
- Value props in line with our radical buyer's needs
- Imagery lighter, more inspiring
After, Option 2: Home header/layout
- Headline more closely aligns to new industry positioning and messaging direction
- Sub-headline, while addressing our radical buyer's pain points, feels slightly less impactful than option #1's sub-headline

Lead Gen Opportunities:
- Now above the fold (not hidden toward the bottom of the page
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Partner page messaging
Before: Partner page messaging
- Copy is too generic
- Partner categories aren't defined
- How partnerships align with Inkling mission and customer needs not stated
After: Partner page messaging
- SEO target phrase "modern learning" now integrated into H1 and body copy
- Header messaging: On brand, outlines value prop and industry category
- Sub-header: Personalizes the company, positions us as collaborators who can't do it alone
- Provides partner category breakdown to show site visitors where we're invested strategically
- Partner summaries align with core messaging and reinforce Inkling's key differentiators
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User Conference Registration Page Overhaul

What do you do when the Head of Marketing comes to you looking for advice because registration #s for the first-ever user conference are low? You ask to see all collateral being used to promote the event.


After doing an assessment of the pre-event campaign assets, one thing became clear—the event registration page needed love—and lots of it.


Before — from top of the page down:

  • The page header area simply said: Illuminate 2019, Go social #InklingIlluminate2019

  • Below the header, there was a description of the W Hotel in Chicago (I honestly thought I’d landed on a promotional page for the hotel itself)

  • Below the fold, a super-quick rotating banner of keynote speakers (hot L&D industry analysts)

  • Bottom of the page, 2 CTA buttons: (1) Buy Now and (2) Book Your Room


My takeaway: The page didn’t speak to our users and what’s in it for them if they attend. Nothing about the event itself. The page lacked an inspirational edge.


The After — See below

After - Header, Mobile View
Top of page now displays:

- Event name
- Value prop for attendees that decide to register
- Clear, easy to find CTA button
After - Whole page, desktop view
Page now displays:

- Alternate rotating header, with simplified messaging and clear CTA button
- Impactful sub-headline outlining additional value props for event attendees
- A quick, easy to read summary of the event
- Above the fold rotating banner with prominent industry thought leaders featured
- Featured sessions listing
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At a glance: Past webiste content optimization projects 
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